World Watch List Rank19
World Watch List Score72/100
LeaderPresident Nguyen Phu Trong
Population98,360,000 | 8,924,000 Christians
Main ReligionBuddhism
WWL Rank in 202021
Persecution LevelVery High Persecution

In Vietnam, the level of persecution a believer faces depends on their denomination or background. Historical Christian communities like Roman Catholics enjoy a certain amount of freedom, although they may be imprisoned if they become politically active. Large plots of land owned by Catholic churches are sometimes confiscated by the state for development purposes.  
The most intense persecution is reserved for non-traditional Protestants and converts from indigenous religions, especially in the remote areas of central and northern Vietnam. The majority belong to the country’s ethnic minorities, and face social exclusion, discrimination and attacks.  
Homes are sometimes destroyed, forcing Christians to leave their villages. In several cases, Christians fled abroad and claimed asylumonly to be sent back due to Vietnamese pressure.  


Pressure on Christians has increased in almost every area of life. The new regulations on religion, implemented from Jan. 1, 2018 onwards, have added another source of uncertainty (although on paper they looked like an improvement). Tighter regulations on online communication have restricted and limited the space Christians enjoy even further. Pressure and violence against Christians belonging to ethnic minority groups continue unchanged.  


Through local church partners, Open Doors supports Vietnamese believers by providing Christian literature, leadership and discipleship training, socio-economic development projects, advocacy and relief aid. 


Pray that the suspicion aimed towards Christians by national and local authorities will ease, and be replaced with an appreciation of their value to society. 

Ask that believers under pressure to renounce their faith will have the strength to cling to Jesus; may this stance powerfully speak to their neighbours and communities. 

Pray that young Christians will grow in their love of Jesus and their understanding of the gospel, giving them a foundation for life.  


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