World Watch List Rank29
World Watch List Score67/100
LeaderEmir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani
Population2,792,000 | 367,000 Christians
Main ReligionIslam
WWL Rank in 202027
Persecution LevelVery High Persecution

It is incredibly hard for Christians—particularly Muslim converts—to live out their faith in Qatar.   

Foreign workers experience more freedom to worship. However, even for these Christians, evangelism to Muslims is strictly forbidden and can lead to deportation. And even though the government provides land for migrant Christians to build churches, churches are often monitored and kept to specific areas. 

Muslims who convert to Christianity face much more significant persecution. They experience very high pressure from their Muslim familiesespecially since Qatari society embraces a conservative strain of Islam.  

Both indigenous and migrant converts risk discrimination, harassment and police monitoring. Moreover, conversion from Islam to another faith is not officially recognized and is likely to lead to legal problems in personal status and property matters.  


Qatar fell two spots on the World Watch List since last year’s list. However, persecution levels actually rose in the country, so Qatar’s rank is more an indicator of the general rise of persecution against Christians around the world. Violence against Christians in Qatar fell a bit—though it is usually low—but pressure from community, family, society and other non-violent sources actually increased. National life was the main place in daily life the pressure increased, and drove the main slight rise in score. It is still incredibly hard for Christians—particularly Muslim converts—to live out their faith in Qatar. 


Open Doors supports the church in Qatar by raising prayer and awareness.


Pray God works powerfully in Qatar. Ask that God’s people will be brought into contact with those willing to hear the gospel. 

Pray migrant workers are protected from the abuse and discrimination of their employers and not additionally targeted for their faith in Jesus.

Pray for secret Christians in Qatar who have accepted Jesus but cannot be open about their new faith. May they be strengthened and discipled.