World Watch List Rank44
World Watch List Score63/100
LeaderSultan and Prime Minister Haitham bin Tariq Al Said
Population5,150,000 | 185,000 Christians
Main ReligionIslam
WWL Rank in 202042
Persecution LevelVery High Persecution

All Omani citizens are assumed to be Muslim. Islam is the state religion, and legislation is mostly based on Islamic law.  

Local converts from Islam are under the most pressure—their families, neighbors and broader society all press them to return to their national and tribal faith. Converts can be expelled from their families and lose their jobs. Their children can be taken from them, and families could strip away their inheritance rights.  

The government largely tolerates foreign Christian communities, but even so, greatly restricts and monitors their public gatherings. All Christian meetings are monitored for political statements and attendance by Omani citizens. Additionally, all religious organizations must be registered with authorities.   


Oman has fallen two spots on this year’s World Watch List, but persecution has actually risen in the small country in the Arabian Peninsula. Pressure in daily life for followers of Jesus—especially those who have converted from Islam—continues to be very high across the board. Oppression, discrimination and coercion are common, and even non-converts face daily discrimination and monitoring from the government and Omani society


Open Doors raises prayer support for Christians and churches in Oman.  


In the Arabian Peninsula, fear is a barrier to the growth of Christ’s Church. Please pray this bondage of fear will be broken.  

Many believers who convert from Islam live in secret and isolation from other followers of Jesus. Ask God to bring these isolated secret believers into fellowship with other believers.  

Pray for whole families to come to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.