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Night of a Million Miracles (book)


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Night of a Million Miracles
The inside story of Project Pearl
by Paul Estabrooks

Out of the ashes of death and destruction in China’s Cultural Revolution, rises a purified, renewed and fast-growing church. The need for one million Chinese Bibles is urgently requested and a team of ordinary men respond with a strong faith in an extraordinary, miracle-working God.

Using a tugboat and a specially-designed barge, twenty men clandestinely deliver one million Chinese Bibles – 232 tons – in one night to thousands of Chinese Christians waiting on a beach in southern China. But the untold story is the million miracles that occurred in getting to that night of delivery.
This story of Project Pearl will help you understand how and why the revival sweeping through China was fueled by the infusion of one million Bibles.

“Bold expedition…executed with military precision…” (TIME Magazine)

“One of the most unusual and successful smuggling operations of the 20th Century!” (David Aikman, author of Jesus in Beijing and former TIME Beijing Bureau Chief)

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