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On Easter Sunday, as Christians in Canada gathered to proclaim the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka gathered in the same name but not in the same safety.


Eight bombs exploded across the country, including three at churches where believers had gathered for Easter services. Thousands of lives were changed in an instant with hundreds dead, injured or missing after the blasts.

Our co-workers have visited the victims of these attacks to listen to them, pray with them, and learn what their immediate needs are. The need for prayer, encouragement and support is immense.

Open Doors is working in Sri Lanka providing support for churches who have experienced violent persecution as well as training and counselling believers suffering for their faith.

Please remember all those who attend church against the background of fear and violence – who live with the possibility of attack.

Your gift to Sri Lanka will help strengthen the local church as they continue to follow Jesus even when it could cost them everything. Stand with the persecuted church in Sri Lanka today.

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Pray with the church in Sri Lanka


Open Doors worker Sunil* who has been supporting some of those affected in Batticaloa says: “Please pray for all the people who were affected by this. Many are injured or grieving the loss of loved ones. Pray for strength and comfort and for His healing hand upon them.”


Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist and ethnic Sinhala (80% of the population). The country has a long and violent history for religious and ethnic reasons. After decades of ethnic tension, a full-fledged civil war broke out in 1983. The Sinhalese Buddhist majority fought against the Tamil minority (predominantly Hindu, and a considerable number of Christians). There was a high death toll on both sides. The war ended finally in 2009 with the defeat of the Tamils. But true peace and reconciliation is still far off.

Please pray for the Sri Lankan church in the wake of the recent attacks. Send us a message of encouragement we can forward on to our persecuted brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka –

All charitable donations to Open Doors Canada are tax receiptable in Canada. In cases where donations exceed project needs or when we, in good faith, determine that the changing situation in the persecuted Church requires directing them to another important project, funds will be used to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in the areas of greatest need.